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Is Spending So Much To Reach The Premier League Worth It?

For most teams in England, reaching the Premier League is something to strive for. Even players starting out in their professional football career will tell you that being involved in the Premier League is something that they want to happen throughout their sporting career. However, as much as you might assume talent and determination is enough to get you there, it isn’t always enough.

Ask any football team what their spend was in order to reach the Premier League, or indeed throughout their attempt to get there and they’ll more than likely tell you that they spent a pretty penny – but is it worth it?

How Much Is The Premier League Actual Worth?

If you speak to people involved in the football industry you’ll get different estimates as to how much joining the Premier League is actually worth. It is worth different things to each team and of course, the longer a team can stay in the Premier League without being relegated makes a huge difference too. However, as an informed estimate, Deloitte recently suggested that winning the play-off final and bagging a place in the Premier League would increase the revenue for a team by between £135million and £265million. There are also other ways to make money – sharing the broadcast revenue and even international TV revenue and ticket sales help to bolster the pay packet slightly too.

The Spend Needed To Get There

Although it may be worth it when a team does get a place in the Premier League, the cost of getting there is something that teams should most definitely take into account. After all, just because you are putting time, effort and money into getting a team to the Premier League, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be successful – and there is going to be no refund offered on the money you have spent trying to get there.

When a player has had great success in the past it is tempting for a team to want to spend big money to get this player on their team. All well and good if that player continues their success story but that isn’t always the case – for example, they could get injured which is going to halt how successful they may be in any future games. For any team to make an investment in a player is a big decision and as such, one that should be given much consideration.

There is no exact amount of money needed in order for a team to be promoted to the Premier League because there are many factors that can affect the journey a team takes to get there. The number of games they need to play, what players they invest in and even whether they have failed in previous years will have an effect on how much it costs in order to be promoted.

However, with so much at stake and such prize money on offer by being in the Premier League, it is still something that pretty much every English team strives for.

What Teams Have Done It Well?

You can look at any number of football teams and see that they have probably spent frivolously on players that perhaps weren’t the right decision or just didn’t work out for the team for one reason or another. After all, you can’t assume that one player that works well with 10 other players in a team is going to be just as successful with a brand new team in different playing conditions.

They will no doubt be wanting to follow in the footsteps of teams like Leeds, who were promoted to the Premier League and have well and truly cemented their place there.

What Can A Team Do To Give Themselves The Best Possible Chance?

Although spending out on big-name players might seem tempting it definitely isn’t something that every team has the budget for. Not only that, there are plenty of teams that want a place in the Premier League and only a limited number of players to join them.

One of the things that teams like Leeds are likely to tell you is that taking a risk often pays off. You’ll get riskier players at a much lower cost and after all, even big-name players had to start someone. Look at the gameplay of footballers that may not be hitting the headlines but are playing well consistently. Maybe they just need the right leadership to turn them into championship players – and therefore well worth the risk.

One team that is testament to making more frugal player purchases and investments in a club and maximising profit is Norwich. According to odds found on this list of best-betting sites in the UK, the Canaries are still likely to be relegated, but their more restricted spending has seen them stay out of financial trouble and able to bounce back to the Premier League when they have been relegated.

When they have spent, Norwich have done it well, bringing back players such as Ben Gibson and bringing on board other names such as Christos Tzolis. Both are solid players that most definitely have a lot to bring to the table  – great news for Norwich fans who will be looking for big things from the team this season.

No one can really predict the Premier League, although plenty of bookmakers will have their odds on favourites and predictions. There are generally teams that do well every year; however, there are also underdogs that look to surprise everyone and do well even though they weren’t predicted to do so. With lots of football matches cancelled in 2020 fans will look at it that players have had an extra 12 months to improve their football skills and therefore will be looking for big things. Let’s see whether the teams that have spent the most money are the ones that come out on top!

Article title: Is Spending So Much To Reach The Premier League Worth It?

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