Is the prospect of moving to Chelsea or City enough of a lure?

Radamel FalcaoRadamel Falcao is currently one of the stars of world football, which is no secret. There is constant speculation surrounding his future as he is expected to move onto to bigger and better pastures new from Atletico Madrid this summer. The eye watering £50 million plus fee discussed in relation to his transfer has led several to assume that he is bound for the Premier League. In spite of this would he really want to move to England?

The amount of clubs that can afford the Colombian ace may stretch across only one hand but this does not mean that he will not remain in La Liga this summer

Man City and Chelsea will be sure to be lining up big money bids but would the Premier League be poisoned chalice for one of the World’s best?

There may be interest from the Premier League but the Atletico Madrid star may see the desperation from the clubs to sign him as a warning signal to steer clear.

In La Liga he currently has to try and match the exuberant talents of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, is the thought of lining up against Gareth Bale as tantalising? Or does this even matter?

If he were to move to Real Madrid or Barcelona he would be going to football clubs with a culture of handling stars. The way they set up the running of the team is to constantly accommodate and embed marquee signings.

Falcao would not need to worry about failure should he move across La Liga. It is a division he knows well and has illustrated his goal scoring prowess in, so on footballing terms staying put in La Liga makes sense. There is very little risk. Do the truly world class players look to just slot in and stick to what they know? Not a chance.

At 26 years of age though he is in the defining moments of his career and if he were to stay in Spain this would be seen as playing it safe? Whether he likes it or not unless he moves abroad he would live under the shadow of two of the World’s great footballers. If Radamel Falcao is to establish himself as a real star he need to set himself aside from the likes of Lionel Messi, rather than join them.

There may be an arrogance in England that the Premier League is the best standard of football in the world, and whilst this may necessarily not be true, it does provide an unbelievable amount of exposure.

Falcao would have no worries that he would get lost in the Sky Sports reels as a supporting actor in the constant Super Sunday dramas. The Premier League opens its doors to new and exciting talent welcoming them with open arms.

If Falcao is worried his stock would he fall in England he can think again. This is because trying to topple Manchester United in England is just as monumental as task as toppling Real Madrid or Barcelona in Spain. In England he will be offered the unique opportunity of becoming a cult hero and a symbol of a League that Spain does not offer Falcao.

An example of the supporting cast in La Liga being made stars is evident in Yaya Toure. He did not start every week at Barcelona but is now the heartbeat of Manchester City. Falcao initially moved to Porto in a 4 million euro move with intention of conquering Europe and if he is the free scoring striker worthy of being lavished with every superlative in the book, the Premier League will be for him.

He has currently got the eyes of World football upon him and if he moves to Barcelona he could easily be a rabbit caught in Messi headlights. Radamel Falcao would be a beautiful luxury for the Catalan Giants but not the only icon at the football club. Ronaldo and Messi represent their own styles of play, carrying the candle for their clubs, and England gives Falcao the chance to do the same. Any question marks that remain over his potential to score wherever he goes or capability to handle players of a physical nature would evaporate should he achieve greatness in the Premier League.

If he chooses to stay in Spain the interest from England won’t go away should he suddenly go off colour for a spell, would it? He could always move to Premier League at a later date in career, but surely the time to move abroad once more would be whilst he is in his prime? There is an intensity and ferocity the Premier League offers that favours the brave.

Man City and Chelsea are waiting to have their history books laden with glory. Falcao has not truly achieved greatness in terms of silverware. He could go on a journey in his quest to be the best in the Premier League with two clubs intent on succeeding whatever the cost, or he could coast in Spain as a well-respected footballer.

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