Is this ex-Spurs star the biggest let down in football?

Emmanuel Adebayor is not quite at the status of journeyman, but the Togolese international has had his fair share of transfers.

Since his introduction to the English game, Adebayor has shown little sign of burgeoning long-term allegiances and presented his colleagues and managers with his fair share of strops down the years. His time at Tottenham has been up and down in itself, much like every club he has been at, and he has made himself even more unpopular with the Lilywhites faithful by making it hard for Levy to move him on.

Fortunately for those at White Hart Lane, Adebayor has finally moved on after a pretty turbulent summer that involved almost daily links to Aston Villa with the prospect of the ex-Arsenal man being reunited with Tim Sherwood. Inevitably, this fell through and Villa followed up other targets who were far more reasonable in their wage demands.

The nature of agent-run football means contract signings are going to have a huge impact on the circumstances of a player at a club, but Adebayor demonstrates this on extraordinary levels. Each of his loan moves in his career have seen a player unrecognisable to that of the season before, which must have some connection to the likelihood of a big pay day if a loan move works out positively.

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These loan spells, most notably at Tottenham, are what cause the immense frustration with Adebayor. The Togolese star’s form when on his initial loan in North London made him one of the most feared strikers in the league, but once his deal was made permanent the rapid decline in his performances, and (dare I say) effort was notable for all to see. Central defenders would’ve picked up on his dejected body language and his languid style changes from a relaxed outlook of a centre forward to somehow who looks disinterested.

Unfortunately, Tottenham fell into Adebayor’s selective form trap and were burdened with an overpaid player in their squad who was almost impossible to move on.

From his time at Arsenal, where he produced one season of brilliance, to his flop during his time at Spurs, Adebayor must have proved himself to be one of the most disappointing players in the league. Most irritatingly, it was never for a lack of talent or skill but pure application that made Adebayor such a hard player to like.

It is highly likely a lower level Premier League club will take the African star on just because of his name, but it is far less likely that he will ever put consecutive seasons together of the high class forward play he is capable of. Roberto Soldado may have failed at Tottenham, but there was never the same feeling that he had either given up or was simply happy to take his pay packet each week.

Of course, all of this is highly objective and opinion based, but Adebayor – perhaps through no fault of his own – managed to make football fans as a whole frustrated at his mere existence in the Premier League.

This player should be a brilliant experienced back up to Harry Kane, but he has ended up released and without a club. There is every chance that it all falls back in Adebayor’s lap again, but his money-driven approach to the game was always going to make it hard for him to be loved by any club.