Is this the former Spurs duo England should fear most?

Currently, there is no England manager. Not that it matters very much. Currently, there are no England games. Not until the Autumn at any rate.

But that won’t stop the speculation as to who will become the next England boss. The current favourites are Gareth Southgate and Glenn Hoddle. It’s an inspiring list, you see.

The former favourite for the job, pre-Roy Hodgson, was Harry Redknapp, the kind of fans-favourite ‘proper football man’ who English football tends to elevate to positions of power.

And today, Redknapp has given his opinion to the BBC on Gareth Southgate, the current England U21 manager getting the senior job on a full-time basis.

‘Scary’ is the word he uses of the FA’s decision-making and the prospect of Southgate as manager. ‘What system does he know? The [FA’s] losing system?’ Asked Redknapp, who called the Toulon Tournament, won by Southgate with the U21s this summer, a ‘second-rate tournament’.

One of Redknapp’s preferred candidates is Glenn Hoddle, who managed England at the 1998 World Cup, who the former West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur boss claims ‘would have come up with a system that we all know how we’re going to play.’ Unlike Roy Hodgson, presumably.

The other candidate mentioned by Redknapp in his Radio 5 Live interview is former Aston Villa manager, Tim Sherwood, who is, of course, young, English and currently out of a job. An easy choice for the FA if needed.

“He’s young, enthusiastic, knows the game.” Redknapp said. “He’s got passion, enthusiasm, I’ll come and work with him all day!”

Well, I’m sold. That’s the dream team, right there. Maybe all of this nostalgically wishing we could go back a week or two will become a theme!