Is this West Ham star as good as Fabregas?

Liverpool reject Stewart Downing is one of the best creative midfielders, on current form. Yes you read that right.

Francesc Fabregas is an absolute genius on the football pitch. His return to the Premier League for Chelsea exploded with a delicious pass that nobody else in the stadium would have seen as possible. However, West Ham fans will tell you that Stewart Downing has been as impressive as the Spanish international thus far.

I appreciate that I sound mad, but bare with me. Although on first glance Fabregas has double the amount of assists than Downing (six to three), but when you’re assisting someone as clinical as Diego Costa it may be a little easier to collect those assists. No offence to the level of West Ham’s strikers of course, who have improved drastically.

When you compare the chances created between Cesc and Stewart there is literally nothing between them. Both the ex-Barca man and the ex-Liverpool winger have created an average of 3.3 key passes per game in their first 6 appearances. Excellent opening form for the pair of them, but only one receives the high level of plaudits.

At the end of the day, they are both well above the likes of David Silva and Eden Hazard for chances created. But only one has been described as a genius (including by me), and it’s not the Englishman – why is this?

Is a case of the same old problem, where we all rate foreign players higher than our own. We enjoy the flamboyant flair when it comes directly from the Samba streets or similar and not when the brilliant performances come from ‘old Stewart from Middlesborough’.

We would all love for Fabregas to play for England but when a player who is performing as effectively as Fabregas can play for England we don’t want them. I’ve always said that the England team should be picked on form and not on status. There’s no doubting that Downing is one of the top performers in the Premier League thus far, and certainly one of the best Englishman.

Although there’s another player who has created an average of 3.3 key passes per game also, and he’s English, but I wouldn’t fancy him getting in the squad. He has yet to earn an assist but it’s a difficult task when the team you play for are seriously struggling for goals. That team is QPR and the player is Joey Barton. The stats don’t lie and he’s the best of a bad bunch at creating chances at QPR, however I wouldn’t want him in the England team and perhaps thats a case of me picking against form which I just preached above.

Cesc Fabregas will continue to reap the plaudits and the Spaniard will be praised more than the ‘genius’ of Stewart Downing regardless of how their performance levels continue, but that’s what you get for being English.

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