Is underrated star really the key man for Arsenal?

Hello there one and all, and welcome to the newest episode of The FanCast’s ‘Opinionator’!

We’ve got so much to ask you this week!

Like, Olivier Giroud, what do we make of the Arsenal striker? Is he the man for the Gunners? Another impressive display against Newcastle United saw the Frenchman bag a brace and yet he still has his doubters. Can Oli G become the main man for Arsenal? Perhaps you already think he is?

Moving on, we’ve got the two flops over at Manchester United! Radamel Falcao was the most wanted marksman in Europe two seasons or so ago and now, we are all wondering whether the Liverpool rumours would actually make sense for Brendan Rodgers’ side.

Then we’ve got Angel Di Maria and the doubts over his Manchester United future despite only joining from Real Madrid in the summer! What do you reckon, will he stay?

Discuss all this and much more with us in our latest video below

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