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Is this the reason the Saudis are holding tight on Liverpool deal?

Football FanCast guest columnist Les Fitzpatrick feels that things at Liverpool may have to get a little worse before they can get better.

There is a saying in life that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better and the last thing Liverpool football club needs now is more heartache and misfortune.

In last weekend's Sunday papers we had our very own Doomsday book created that printed how deep we are reportedly in financially and the potential pitfalls the club could face if their financial outlook doesn't improve, or any new investment came in. It appears that potential investors are prepared to wait until the last knockings, leaving us with many more dark days and worrying times ahead.

Obviously we were all hoping that Prince Faisal and the Saudi consortium were keen to invest; however it all seems to have been lost in translation in some way and for the time being no real developments have been made here, apart from looking to set up some youth academies in the Middle East. Obviously we heard about buying stakes in the football club, anything up to 50%, but according to reports in the Times there is a feeling that potential investors, which Hicks and Gillett have been seeking and who they have tasked BoA, Merrill Lynch and Rothschild to find, have decided to sit tight, allow the club's financial outlook to become even bleaker, before looking to buy in and a rock bottom price, as the American owners may find themselves in a position where they are forced to sell.

A source involved in a previous Gulf-based bid for the club says: "There's a feeling among potential investors that they may as well wait for things to reach crisis point at Anfield, wait until the Americans are forced to find a way out at a reasonable price, than pay way over the odds now. Nobody is in a rush because the club is going nowhere fast with them in charge." (Times)

It certainly makes you wonder as to whether that is truly the case and I suppose it is understandable. Whether the above source is correct and that is the standpoint that future investors are taking with both Hicks and Gillett remains to be seen, but it doesn't make life any easier for us and it only adds to the frustrations we have for the duo and the restricted progress we are witnessing at the club. One day I am sure we will get the owners that befit a club of our standing, although it appears that we may have to hold out a little while longer.


Article title: Is this the reason the Saudis are holding tight on Liverpool deal?

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