La Liga ace copies former Manchester City midfielder

I’m sure we all remember Nigel de Jong’s scything kung-fu kick straight into former Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso’s chest during the 2010 World Cup final, yeah?

Somehow, the former Manchester City midfielder escaped a red card but the Netherlands international faced a lot of criticism for his physicality and, now, infamous ‘tackle’.

Football is full of full blooded tackles, however, it was always going to take something particualry brutal to rival de Jong’s karate chop on Xabi Alonso and, if we are honest, if anyone was going to do it, we would’ve had a fair few quid on it being Real Madrid’s, Pepe.

The Portuguese international went one better, though, by actually missing his intended target during a La Liga clash and ended up connecting with team-mate Sergio Ramos’ chest.

WARNING! This ain’t pretty – although I’m sure Nigel de Jong loved it!