Leeds United – An Open Letter To Robert Snodgrass

Dear Robert.

You are our captain. You are the player we look to when times are tough, when we need inspiring, when we can see no way out. Throughout the last few years those times have come thick and fast, both you and us, the fans, have faced battle after battle together.

Like you, we know how it feels to be lied to, to watch our best players forced out and labelled as the unreasonable ones, as the ones chasing riches.

We feel the same disappointment and disillusion that you do, as another transfer window slams shut with no noticeable replacement.

We are the same as you, captain. We are Leeds through and through.

Over time you have shown again and again that you have the club at heart. You dared to speak up when nobody else would. Leeds legends stood before us all and would read the script given to them week after week, proclaiming that there were no issues at the club, that the players leaving really didn’t want to stay, that we were the ones in the wrong.

Then you, our captain, tore their web of lies apart. You openly questioned the ambition of those in charge of the club, you took a risk, and you took it for us. You gave us hope, you made us see that we were right all along.

As time has passed, we’ve learnt that hope is a feeling better suppressed, as it is seldom realised. Unfortunately, at times it is all we have had to cling to.

But here we are, hoping once again. This time, we have reason to believe. We are close to entering a new era at Elland Road and finally banishing the lies, hurt and destroying the poison that has brought our great club crashing to its knees.

We are almost free.

Now, we turn to you. You have been given the choice of leaving for the promised land now, or to have one final push with the team you have fought for throughout. Now is the time to believe, the manager knows what it takes and he has pinned his hopes firmly on your shoulders. You are the player he wants to build his team around. You are the player that he wants the rest to look to when they need to find the extra ounce of energy to push themselves over the line. You are the flagship for an entire football club.

You have the choice.

In a players career, they can play for many clubs and achieve relative success before becoming a recognised name in the clubs history, but how many get the chance to truly be remembered for something great? Nobody doubts that you will have success in future if you leave, but consider this –

You have the opportunity as the captain of Leeds United to lead them back to the Premier League.

Now is the time to forget the past, forget the lies, betrayal, the hurt. This is where we start again, marching on together until the world stops going round. We need someone to take hold and lead the fight through every battle the coming season brings, someone who can drag the players to their feet and push them to their limit to ensure victory, someone to ignite the roar at Elland Road, and someone to lift in the air when we finally return to glory.

‘’Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall”

You have the chance to rewrite the wrongs of the those in the past, the chance to restore a club to it’s former glory. You have the opportunity to hear the roar at the final whistle of the game that seals our promotion, knowing that you will forever be known as the captain that returned Leeds United to the Premier league.

You were born to do this, captain. Take the lead.