Jamie Vardy scores for Leicester; Twitter throws him a party

It used to be in fashion to predict the demise of Leicester City. Because no one – including Leicester themselves – thought it could last. And so predicting it was a way of looking good later on.

And then it became fashionable to predict that they’d stay at the top, and maybe even win the title. Because there’s almost no way they can win the title, right? So predicting that they can stay there will make you look so very prescient when they actually do lift the title.

Well, do you believe it now? You better believe it now!

It’s not just the fact that the Leicester machine is starting to look unstoppable, even by the master of outthinking the opposition, Jurgen Klopp, but it’s also because none of the players who we all thought were just in a rich vein of form are showing any signs of slowing down.

No, Leicester aren’t just beating Liverpool 2-0, they have had two goals from Jamie Vardy tonight. He’s been flying for almost a year now, without showing any signs of his form drying up.

And that can only mean one thing. Either Leicester are heading for a sharp and heavy fall, or Vardy, Mahrez and co are just that good.

Well, tonight, whether or not they can keep their form going for the rest of the season and beyond, they’ve had Twitter in a storm tonight. Long may it continue!