Stats prove that Leicester’s Champions League fairytale can continue

Leicester’s magical story domestically last year was the sort of thing that makes sport so great. Football is criticised for its financial clout, the lack of unpredictability at the top level and many other things. Claudio Ranieri’s side lit up the sporting world.

It was coated in a glorious gloss, of course, but Leicester’s success gave some brief hope to many around the world that the game was not ‘lost’. In England, last season’s Foxes success is a distant memory.

But on the greatest stage of them all, Leicester are dominating. Efficient with the ball and rock solid defensively, it turns out that Wes Morgan and Robert Huth can even keep Europe’s best at bay.

So, Bonucci, Chiellini and Buffon or Kasper Schmeichel, Morgan and Huth?

That’s a tough one now, isn’t it? As Squawka’s post from this evening shows, Leicester’s 2015/16 heroes are carrying on their odds-upsetting work into 2016/17 and have frustrated their group stage opponents thus far.