Let’s all go home, the Premier League title race is over…

Every other team may as well stop playing now because the title race is over – it has already been won.

Funnily enough, the title race is over elsewhere as well. In France, PSG are so far ahead that the other teams may as well pack up and go on holiday. Forget the final few matches, it’s over. The tussle for European places is important of course, but what you want is to be champions and that’s done for another year.

In the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich are only five points ahead of a very good Dortmund side, so it’s all to play for, but realistically, it will be Bayern yet again. Boring.

In La Liga, it’s the same as the Premier League and France. It’s over. Barcelona are eight points ahead of Atletico while Real trail by twelve, so same story, same winners – boring. In the Dutch league, PSV and Ajax are so far ahead of third place Feyenoord that it’s their league title and in Italy, it’s between Juventus and Napoli.

The only league that isn’t boring, that has been vastly unpredictable and has surprised the footballing world, well at least in England, is our very own Premier League.

Who honestly would have picked Leicester City as champions at the beginning of the season? Who would have thought that Chelsea would be outside of the top four? Where are Liverpool? Why have Manchester United failed to deliver and why have Manchester City been so up and down all season? The only constant is Arsenal. Top four again and faultering as we near the business end of the season again.

It’s refreshing to see Leicester on their way to the title because as you can see from the other leagues around Europe, it’s getting to be the same story every year and it must be so tiring for the fans of the other teams in the league. On the flip side, it must be great to see your team win year after year, but how much competition is there, if that’s the case?

This year in the Premier League, the so-called top four have been rumbled and Chelsea look likely to finish in the bottom half of the top ten for the first time in many years. Every team has beaten everyone else and with teams like West Ham, Stoke City and newly-promoted Watford having decent seasons.

Manchester United could finish outside of the Champions League places, as could City and it could be that West Ham sneak up along the outside rails and take a Champions League spot. Anything is possible.

With the final run-in upon us, no game in the Premier League is easy any longer and whilst Leicester have some tricky games ahead, nothing seems to stop this team from rolling along nicely. They’ve been there this long, why should nine more matches make any difference?

With Leicester picking up wins and those behind them dropping points, this race is over. For the first time in the Premier League it’s the Foxes for the title and a shot at the Champions League.