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Levy shouldn’t hesitate in paying the man what he’s worth

Football FanCast columnist Roy James feels that Ledley King more than deserves a fair deal at Tottenham.

Dan Levy has undoubtedly had to chew over some tough decisions over the years at Tottenham; however I wonder where the negotiations over Ledley King's new contract ranks on that list. For me it is personally a no brainer, but at the same time, I am not the one paying the wages.

It was always going to prove a tough decision, given the dramas that surround the player and what he has to go through just to be fit on any given match day. Any other club, or manager would have written them off, looked to move them on, but it is not often that they have a player of Ledley King's talents on their books and at their disposal. There is certainly no doubt that a fit Ledley King is the best defender in this country, so even if you only got 20 Premier League games a season out of him, then that is a massive bonus to the football club.

I know there are supporters before who expressed concerns about King's role at the club and how the constant chopping and changing doesn't do much for consistency in the backline and is perhaps a little unfair on the likes of Dawson (who always had to make way last season), but I ask the question of how could you ignore the opportunity to play Ledley King, especially knowing what a difference he actually makes to the team. I mean here is a player that doesn't train and just turns up and plays to the kind of level that others players could only dream of, therefore how could Redknapp afford not to play him, when given the chance? I wonder what our statistics are in terms of win percentage when he plays; I bet it is extremely high.

So the question that Tottenham or Mr Levy in particular has to decide is what kind of deal you offer him. I read some drivel in the comments section in the Daily Mail article about this subject, where someone questioned why King should get paid full whack before he doesn't put in the hours training pitch. I found that absolutely incredible, especially given the monotonous routine and work out that King has to go through just to give him the opportunity to play football, while his teammates run around playing football and no doubt silly beggars on the training pitch, why Ledley has to swim length after length and do weights on a daily basis. They say ignorance is bliss and that clearly is the case here.

It is a tough one for the chairman and why the obvious ideology would be to offer him an incentivised pay as you play deal, or a player/coach role, I think a lot of consideration should be given into what King actually has to go through in order to get fit. This is hardly a player who has an injury where he is having to come in for a couple of hour's treatment and goes home, as everyday Ledley has to go through the same routine and battle just so he can play full stop. There is no treatment for him and he is literally putting his body on the line for the football club and I think a little bit of consideration needs to go into what he does to represent us and the tremendous loyalty he has shown in the past ten years, when deciding a new deal. He doesn't deserve to be short changed here, especially when you consider the massive difference he makes for us on the pitch.


Article title: Levy shouldn’t hesitate in paying the man what he’s worth

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