Lindelof is one of Mourinho’s best centre-back options; he should not be loaned out

Manchester United are considering a loan deal for Victor Lindelof in the summer transfer window after a difficult debut season in English football, as per the Sun. 

However tempted Jose Mourinho might be to send him to develop away from Old Trafford, he should keep him around the club as that would be beneficial for both the club and player.

What’s the story, then?

The report states that Mourinho is a big fan of the man who is valued at £22.5m by Transfermarkt but has doubts about his ability to contribute in the short term after a shaky debut season.

It goes on to say that there would be no shortage of suitors at home and abroad for the Swedish international, who looks to be behind Chris Smalling and Phil Jones in the Old Trafford pecking order at present.

The fact it is reportedly a loan deal Mourinho is interested in and not a sale may encourage Lindelof that he has a future at Old Trafford, but he will likely want to contribute more next season.

Mourinho should keep him at the club

One reason why United move the ball so slowly is their defenders’ lack of competence on the ball and Lindelof is probably their best option at centre-half in that regard.

He is a man Mourinho clearly has immense faith in and you can’t say that about Jones, Smalling or even Marcos Rojo; surely the Portuguese’s plan is for a long-term pairing of Lindelof and Eric Bailly, his two defensive recruits from his Old Trafford reign.

A major factor in Lindelof’s development is getting used to the more hostile and high-tempo environment of English football and the best place for him to learn is at United. Mourinho needs to keep him around.