Liverpool legend crosses the line with Arsenal tweet

Former Liverpool Striker Robbie FowlerRobbie Fowler – you either love him or hate him. What is clear however is that he puts England’s current crop of strikers to shame with the ability he had in his heyday. Most certainly one of the best strikers the Premier League has seen, but also one of the more controversial characters to grace it.

The Liverpool legend was once banned for celebrating a goal by imitating someone snorting cocaine back in the 1990s. It was this that opposition fans were quick to raise when Fowler suggested that the Luis Suarez saga could be put to bed with a bid of £30million plus Theo Walcott for the Uruguayan. It is commonplace that footballers past and present receive abuse and banter on Twitter but only some choose to respond to it publicly.

And respond Fowler did, claiming Arsenal fans should look closer to home before dishing out accusations.

‘For all the Arsenal fans calling me a coke head….look closer to home. That is all.’

This sparked off further debate as to whether Fowler was referring to former Arsenal man Paul Merson who has admitted to abusing the drug. The tweet was deleted a short time after it was published, but you can see it in all its glory in the image above.

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