Liverpool legend trolls Barcelona star Lionel Messi after missed penalty!

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher may be a Reds icon, but to opposition fans he is an own-goal magnet, having scored seven throughout his Liverpool career.

But after Lionel Messi missed another penalty, the Englishman looked at the bright side of his record by trolling the Barcelona attacker on social media platform Twitter that his penalty-miss record – 11 misses – is even worse than his own-goal one!


For anyone else in the world, if you manage to miss 11 spot-kicks you’re not going to take another in the future. But this is Messi, FIFA and Sepp Blatter’s pet, Barcelona’s golden boy… he’ll be first to the penalty spot to increase his already astonishing goal-scoring record.
So hey, if the Catalan club receive another penalty after a Sergio Busquets dive, your team have a fairly good chance to not concede!