Liverpool rock under investigation – Twitter hits top mocking form

With a Europa League semi-final approaching – and a slim chance of a top four finish – the last thing Liverpool needed was any investigations, controversy or general bad press. Unfortunately, Sakho clearly didn’t get that memo and the Liverpool defensive rock is now under investigation for a failed drugs test – as reported here.

Apparently it was a fat-burning pill – similar to those that saw Kolo Toure banned – that concerned the drugs testing folks and this was naturally absolute gold for the social media teams across the football twittersphere.

Of course, Paddy Power didn’t take long to get in on the act.

Liverpool fans – with no evidence at all – have decided that he has done nothing wrong… Mmm.

He’s notoriously scary and big Sakho will surely have some words for his ‘team’.

Think a fair few of Liverpool’s centre-halves would be in trouble if that was an official UEFA test.

There’s definitely something not quite right about those eyes. Almost a bit Pierluigi Collina!