Liverpool success was NOT only because of 31-goal Barcelona star

So recently Luis Suarez has come out to state that without him Liverpool would be nowhere near Manchester City in the race for the Premier League title… well Luis according to these statistics you are WRONG!

According to the Mirror – who did a bit of research – they proved that Daniel Sturridge is the more valuable asset to Liverpool compared to the feisty Uruguayan.

How did they do this? Well if the player scored the ‘winning goal’, for example the second goal in a 2-1 win, then that goal will be worth two points. If he didn’t, it meant that the team would only receive one point from the subsequent draw.

So according to this, Suarez accumulated an important 16 points. However, Sturridge himself gained 20! Meaning that the English striker played an even more integral part than the now Barcelona man.

Liverpool need Sturridge to continue the form from last season, because at the moment Mario Balotelli just ain’t cutting the mustard.