A gnaw unto himself! Luis Suarez craze sweeps Ecuador

Deportivo Quevedo Midfielder Edwin HurtadoLuis Suarez appears to be trend setter among footballers around the world. I’m not talking actually playing football of course. The art of biting is the act in question, something that arguably gained Suarez as much attention last season as his brilliant performances for Liverpool.

Here is evidence that Suarez is an inspiration on a global scale for his fellow professionals, and this is found more than anywhere in his native South America. Cue the evidence.

A game between Deportivo Quevedo and SC Barcelona seems friendly enough to us ignorant folk in Europe. Not so apparently. The game in Ecuador took a turn for the weird when Deportivo defender Edwin Hurtado jostled unfairly in the box from a corner. In the aftermath he then appears to take a bite at opponent Andres Franzoia who was competing with him for the ball. The referee then punished him with just a yellow card. The rules must be different in Ecuador.

What is unclear was how much contact Hurtado’s teeth made with Franzoia. Luis Suarez, however, clearly has an influence that stretches beyond Merseyside and his native Uruguay.

Check out the video below…

[youtube wmqPbgr34TE]