And here’s one I made earlier! Liverpool fan shows off his arts and craft skills

Liverpool FanLuis Suarez appears to have lost the hearts and minds of the majority of Liverpool fans. The man from Uruguay was undoubtedly one of the Premier League’s top performers last season and was on the way to becoming a legend among the Anfield faithful.

Fast forward a few months and the odd controversy or two later, and Suarez wants out. However, there is one huge question emerging from this transfer saga – what happens to all the poor Liverpool fans who bought shirts with Suarez on the back last season?

Is it worth being seen in public in their beloved Liverpool shirt which is now spoilt by the ‘Judas’ name of Suarez beaming off the back of it?

What’s worse is that in a month’s time that shirt could well be mistaken at first glance for a jubilant Arsenal fan that has purchased a Suarez version of the Gunners’ shirt in the aftermath of their club record signing.

Am I tempting fate? Maybe. One Liverpool fan has the solution to the shirt problem regardless of where Suarez ends up, however. This picture says it all. This is what a disgruntled football fan can do with a pair of scissors and some duct tape. Not bad if I do say so myself….

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