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Boom! The best quotes from Jurgen Klopp’s time at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp has been at Liverpool for four years now and in that time, the German has conjured up some absolutely timeless quotes.

The charismatic 51-year-old has captured the hearts of Liverpool fans, who practically worship the man after he delivered a sixth major European Cup – even before that, they adored him when he hadn’t won a single thing with the Reds.

You can relive Liverpool’s Champions League celebrations in glorious 2D thanks to the guys at 442oons in the video below…

Klopp has been a dream for those who regularly attend Liverpool’s press conferences, pre and post match, whilst he has come out with enough punchy one liners to fill an entire book; he really does offer great entertainment value.

As a result of that, narrowing his best quotes down to just a handful is an extremely tough task, but nevertheless, it is one that we have attempted.

Let’s take a look at some of the former Borussia Dortmund boss’ best quotes as manager of Liverpool…

“I am the normal one”

In just his first press conference as Liverpool boss, Klopp immediately produced the first of many amazing quotes.

When reminded that Jose Mourinho dubbed himself as ‘The Special One’ in his first Chelsea press conference, Klopp responded with: “I am the normal one, not the special one.”

It is a phrase that Liverpool have since attempted to have copyrighted.

Doubters to believers

One of the more significant messages that Klopp has tried to get across to the Liverpool fanbase since day one is to believe.

Again, on his very first day as manager at Anfield, Klopp spoke of how the fanbase has been living in the past and must believe in order to write a new chapter in the club’s history.

“We have to change from doubters to believers. Now.” It is a message that the supporters have taken on board, and they are definitely getting their just rewards.

The erotic translator

As previously mentioned, the German offers great entertainment value in his press conferences, and he definitely didn’t disappoint back in November.

When listening to a translator through earphones before his side took on PSG, Klopp exclaimed: “That is a very erotic voice by the way from the translator. Congratulations. Wow.”

Clearly, he wasn’t feeling the nerves of facing Kylian Mbappe and Neymar Jr.


In what was one of the clearest indications that Klopp’s ‘heavy metal’ football was coming to fruition, a 3-0 demolition of Manuel Pellegrini’s Manchester City inside a raucous Anfield provoked a simple, but effective response from Klopp.

“The best word I can say to describe this is: Boom!” Enough said.

Where are the drinks?

Almost immediately after Klopp won his first ever Champions League title, the former Mainz boss had his priorities in line.

A brief cuddle with his No.1 Alisson Becker, who was phenomenal on the night, ended with Klopp sternly asking: “Where are the drinks?”

Get the man a Heineken.

Article title: Boom! The best quotes from Jurgen Klopp’s time at Liverpool

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