Can anyone explain what Brendan Rodgers was doing here?

Brendan Rodgers took a well earned day off last week following last Saturday’s pulsating Merseyside derby. But following yesterday’s shock 3-1 defeat to Hull City, he would have been better spending more time on the training pitch.

Instead, Rodgers spent his day off visiting set of Coronation Street of all places! Is there anything better to do on a day off?

The Liverpool boss decided to visit the ITV studios to take a look at how his favourite soap was made.

Rodgers is no stranger to TV himself, having previously starred in ‘Being Liverpool’, where his performance was likened by some to that of Ricky Gervais’ portrayal of David Brent in The Office. 

So maybe he was there to pick up some tips for series 2, from Corrie ‘star’, funk and soul DJ and former Robot Wars (remember!) presenter Craig Charles.

The massive Liverpool fan was clearly happy to have a photo taken with his ‘hero’. A hero whose name he is unable to spell!