Can this Liverpool signing go from Zero to Hero?

Why always Mario Balotelli? One way or another he simply cannot stop people discussing him and it usually revolves around something negative rather than positive.

Since signing for his new club Liverpool he has not quite set the Premier League on fire, despite being a big marquee signing that came with a lot of hype and the promise of being a direct Luis Suarez replacement. Yet he has been far from being anywhere near good enough to fill the gap left by the biting hero. Not that there are many players anywhere in the world that could emulate what the Uruguyan did at Anfield, but Balo is simply not fitting in to his big signing mould casted for him by the board.

He looks like a signing to appease those fans desiring a marquee player. In truth, those fans have been duped. Brendan Rodgers didn’t want him, yet the board authorised it, purely to sell shirts and insist that the club were remaining ambitious on the back of last season’s dizzy heights of second place. 

Many fans are already getting fed up of seeing the Italian in a Liverpool shirt and have realised that Mario is not exactly the quick fix required. He was a panic buy and simply cannot do enough to shine for the reds. Why? Because he has not got the right attitude towards the game.

He spends too much time skulking around the pitch, not really interested in chasing the game or creating chances as much as he is stopping the opposition players from winding him up and throwing anxious and sad looks at the cameras if he does not get his way. If Balotelli changed his attitude and put a good shift in, he’d be a far better player. He needs to improve his work ethic if he wants to have any sort of legacy like his predecessor Luis Suarez.

There was another player with a similar attitude problem but got away with it because of his sheer out and out quality and pure class. That was Eric Cantona. He could get away with being lazy from time to time as he was an incredible talent. Let him walk back, be flat footed, whine and moan. Why? Because you knew that in the blink of an eye he would do something out of this world.

You simply do not get that with Balotelli at Liverpool at the moment which is why he is already starting to look like a major flop for his new team. Although he still has it in his own hands to turn his fortunes around and become a very important player for the reds, it is highly unlikely he will be any sort of legend.

If Balotelli can sort his attitude out, focus on getting his work rate up and take attention away from his the negative sides of his game, he will go a long way to being a good player for Liverpool. However, Liverpool lost a great player, and right now Super Mario is very far away from that.

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