Can you name all the Liverpool and England managers Steven Gerrard played under?

He’s a former England captain. He’s a Liverpool legend. But really, none of those phrases do justice to Steven Gerrard or his career.

As a Liverpool player he was more than just a player. He was an inspiration, a force of nature, a talisman and above all, a fan. Because only a Liverpool fan could have displayed the passion and tenacity Gerrard showed, the sheer determination to win and to win for Liverpool. He suited the emotion inherent in the club, and the emotion spurred him on.

And so many times over the years he grabbed his losing side by the scruff of the neck and dragged them to victory. Some of those games were big and memorable – Olympiakos, the FA Cup final, Istanbul – and some were just run of the mill games forgotten by history. But Gerrard made his stamp.

In fact, he’s so synonymous with Liverpool that we’ll probably define the Liverpool of the last 15 years as the ‘Steven Gerrard era’ – very different from the past periods at Anfield, characterised by managers rather than individual players. That’s how big Gerrard is.

So instead of naming the players of the manager’s era, can you name the managers of the Gerrard era at Liverpool?

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