Could Liverpool star turn this into the best tattoo ever?

Kolo TouroWho said that footballers only care about themselves, their fame and their glory? Perhaps you should think twice about Liverpool’s Kolo Toure.

We have all heard of a few tattoo bloopers, with a common mistake often being someone getting the name of a partner forever etched on their body only to break up with them months, weeks or even days later. But 20-year-old Reds’ supporter Dominic Pearson went one step further by getting Toure’s name tattooed on his foot – only for it to be misspelled as ‘Kolo Touro’.

Upon hearing this story the Ivorian defender rushed to Twitter and reached out to the young fan saying that he is willing to change his name just so his number one fan can display his tat with pride. We can however, presume that the careless tattoo artist could perhaps have been a Manchester United fan…

Now, how many of you Liverpool fans would buy Toure’s new shirt?

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