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Five things we all love to hate about Liverpool

Most of us treat our favourite football club like a loyal old dog. No matter how much it keeps us up at night or occasionally leaves us unexpected steaming piles of mess to clean up, it is always capable of bringing us unparalleled joy. Such affection for one team leaves a whole lot of hate for the remaining 91 clubs in the football league.

Whether wholehearted hatred or mild malevolence, everyone has something they despise about their rivals. In a series titled ‘Five things we love to hate’, we’ve pointed our misanthropic finger at some of England’s top clubs so you don’t have to.

The overheads for at the Anfield museum must make for interesting reading as they seem to have several million staff members. Jurgen Klopp has proven to be a popular figure with fans, rivals and media alike but he has a huge job in his hands in ensuring Liverpool fans actually take an interest in the present day.

If he does succeed, the flames from the mass history book burning that follows has the potential to spell the end for all plant life and livestock within a 100 miles radius. Today, we take a look at what everyone hates about Liverpool yesterday, now and forever.

Look out for a lovely slice of culture in the form of Merseyside poet Dave Kirkby. Set your face to cringe.

What do you dislike most about Liverpool? Their obsession with the past? Their obsession with the distant past? Their obsession with the dawn of time?

Let us know in the comment section below.

Article title: Five things we all love to hate about Liverpool

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