Gerrard embarrassed himself? Another Liverpool star outdid him

Steven Gerrard may have been sent off within a minute of facing Manchester United yesterday, but he wasn’t the only Liverpool star to have had a bad day. In fact, Kolo Toure may have outdone him, as he was spotted, and filmed, locking himself out of his own car!

In the aftermath of the game, the big Ivorian was plotting his journey home, only to be thwarted by his own vehicle’s theft prevention tools! There’s a slight irony to the whole affair, with the African ace – who recently helped his nation to AFCON glory – having made a career out of shutting out his opponents.

Youtubers CheekySport caught Toure’s woes on camera in this hilarious clip.

Gerrard may fail to ever live down his infamous last ever – well, probably – appearance against United, but at least he managed to get himself home afterwards!