Give him whatever he wants… Liverpool rebel nets peach

Raheem Sterling’s contract wrangle has been the subject od so many minutes of airtime, letters in papers and pages on the internet. Week-by-week the 20-year-old’s demands for cash, trophies and glory are laid out, distracting everyone, including the player, from what actually matters… playing football games.

However, against a, let’s be honest, awful Newcastle side he seems to be back on form with an early goals. The winger, playing as a striker, cut in well from the left, shimmied past some flip-flop wearing Newcastle defenders, leapt over a beach towel and curled the ball into Tim Krul’s net (let’s hope he didn’t knock over the goalkeeper’s mojito in the process!).

All joking aside, it was a lovely goal, and is sure to strengthen Sterling’s stance in negotiations as he’s now the club’s leading Premier League scorer this season with seven efforts to his name.