Has Liverpool hero inadvertently revealed Rodgers’ favourite film?

The sub-titling people are at it again. No matter how many times mistakes occur on sub-titles, they will always make us laugh, and this one is no different.

The best part of Monday night’s Premier League instalment (unless you are a happy West Ham fan, of course) came from off the pitch and in the studio at half time. Ex-Liverpool player turned pundit, Jamie Carragher, was happily discussing Brendan Rodgers’ tactics from the weekend, when someone, somewhere in the sub-titling bunker heard the word four and without any thought, automatically put “Weddings and a Funeral”.

Whilst it is part of the British film folklore, Carragher was obviously talking football line ups and the sub-titling team quickly added “three- three” to the end of the famous film. Whether the Anfield boss is a fan of Hugh Grant or not we may never know, but to be fair to the sub-titlers it’s not always easy to understand the the Kop hero – especially when it’s only Monday!