Have Liverpool found their new Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard has enjoyed one hell of a footballing career, both with Liverpool and England.

But his slip against Chelsea last year went on to cost the Reds their first ever Premier League title and subsequently cost him completing a full set of silverware from his career.

Chelsea fans have been singing about Gerrard’s misfortune ever since, but once he leaves the Premier League at the end of the season they’ll no doubt be looking for someone else to ridicule.

Luckily Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson might be their new guy. In their 1-1 statement in the Capital One Cup semi-final first-leg last at Anfield last night, Henderson slipped almost identically to Gerrard, although this time it didn’t lead to a goal.

Henderson has been tipped to be Gerrard’s replacement as Liverpool captain, but surely this is one legacy he won’t want inherit from the great Anfield midfielder…