How embarrassing: Liverpool fans mock Man City’s flat title celebrations

Liverpool fans have taken to Twitter to mock Manchester City’s title celebrations, and it must be said that they were pretty flat considering the weight of their achievement.

The Cityzens secured their second successive Premier League title with a 4-1 victory over Brighton on the final day, much to Liverpool’s dismay – the Reds finished just one point behind City.

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Surely recording back-to-back titles would be a good enough reason for you and your teammates to go absolutely crazy, right?

Well, if you’re going off City’s title celebrations, the atmosphere was more like they’d won their Sunday League instead of one of the hardest competitions in Europe; in fact, that would be harsh on Sunday League teams.

And where’s the music? The unenthusiastic chanting from the supporters, the players not looking like they know what to do with themselves, just the quietness in general; City’s title celebrations were strangely muted.

Given how desperate they were to secure a maiden Premier League crown themselves, the Liverpool supporters on Twitter have mocked City for their drab title celebrations…