How Liverpool’s choice of captain shows just how far they’ve fallen

Jordan Henderson. Liverpool captain. Could you ever have imagined such a thing?

It may be harsh on the England international, who has greatly improved his game since the start of his career at Anfield, but the fact he is the captain of the club speaks volumes about where they are now.

The man to replace Steven Gerrard in taking over the armband was never going to find it to be an easy task, but the former Sunderland man just simply doesn’t provide any genuine class.

He’s a hard worker, likely to put a shift in and wears his heart on his sleeve but finds his actual footballing ability limited at the sort of levels the Reds aspire to be at.

Indicative of the team as whole right now.

Granted, he was excellent during the title challenge of 2013/14, but who in that side wasn’t?

Now, any direct comparison to Gerrard is wholly unfair and not what many of criticisms levelled at him are based on.

But for a club the stature of Liverpool Football Club, it’s baffling to think their captain is a player the standard of Henderson. It simply doesn’t add up.