HYS: If Liverpool had to make an entire starting XI from one player

Here’s a curious question for Liverpool fans – if you had to create an entire starting XI from just one Reds player, perfectly cloned ten times, who would it be?

There are copious different schools of thought here. Mohamed Salah linking up with ten more Mohamed Salahs would be a frightening prospect for any defence in the Premier League, but could the diminutive Egyptian do an acceptable job at centre-back – and would he save anything if he was placed between the sticks for ninety minutes?

At the other end of the spectrum, eleven Virgil van Dijks would give you a great chance of keeping a clean sheet and he’s not too bad on the ball either. But where would the ingenuity to unlock teams in the final third come from?

Perhaps there’s a better balance in a player like Emre Can or James Milner, who have a bit of everything and always put a shift in. But do they possess enough star quality to get Liverpool over the line?

It’s a curious debate, one without any right or wrong answers. So Liverpool fans, from our five suggestions, who would you feel most comfortable making an entire Reds XI out of? Let us know by voting below…