HYS: Jurgen Klopp does not deserve a ban for his Merseyside Derby celebrations

Liverpool and Everton’s latest encounter was not an edge of the seat affair to end Derby Day, with Arsenal and Tottenham going tooth and nail for the win earlier in the afternoon.

It could easily be argued that the players for either side showed a lack of passion during the 90 minutes when the score was still level, but that argument did not apply to Jurgen Klopp when Divock Origi tapped home a stoppage-time winner.

The German burst onto the pitch to celebrate with Reds keeper Alisson Becker, an incident he later apologised for, but the FA still decided to issue the 51-year-old with a charge of misconduct on Monday.

Klopp has until 18:00 GMT on Thursday 6th to respond to the charge.

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Some reports suggest that the FA are not expected to issue a severe penalty, such as a touchline ban, for the incident, but the Liverpool manager may still receive a fine.

Any such ban would certainly be without justification, for while he was wrong to enter the field of play, it was a moment of passion and excitement rather than inciting the opposition.

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