Is Liverpool’s new manager actually The Abnormal One?

Jürgen Klopp looks set to become anything but the normal one as Liverpool manager. After just a single press conference he has rewritten the rule book on how to deal with the media. He also brings a proven pedigree that threatens to end the normality of trophy-less seasons at Anfield.

Short of having his photo taken kissing babies and helping old ladies across the road, the first week couldn’t have gone much better for Klopp. What makes it all the more abnormal is how it hasn’t been part of a PR scheme. Fans of all teams have warmed to his open and humble nature.

In the modern game the honest football manager is as rare as a Premier League title for Liverpool. After Brendan “The Riddler” Rodgers it wouldn’t have been surprising if Klopp had swerved questions or been obscure. Instead he spoke open and honestly. Even admitting he’d need a league title if there was to be a fourth year of his command. The false smiles and manufactured character of his predecessor replaced with genuine charisma.

This time Liverpool have also brought in a manager with recent experience of clinching one of Europe’s top leagues, the Bundesliga twice, with Borussia Dortmund. Doubters before last week pointed out that Klopp faltered toward the end of his time in Germany but even they have conveniently forgotten this.

The German knows he will be given this season to sort out what Brendan left behind. He has already spoken of needing a rebuild. This wouldn’t have been music to FSG’s ears after expensive transfer dealings with Rodgers but it goes hand-in-hand with appointing a new man.

What will ease the pain is the level of talent they can attract now. Under Brendan Rodgers they had a manager they saw potential in, likewise, most of his signings were possible stars waiting to be born. Under Klopp they will attract established players. Already the name Robert Lewandowski has been brandished about and Sven Bender doesn’t sound unreasonable.

Just how successful Klopp will be at securing these talents is still unknown but being linked with top stars is half the battle. Liverpool have realised their historic name no longer guarantees world class signings. After the failed attempt to harvest a young British manager they have placed their hopes in recognised name.

A month ago I wouldn’t have bet a penny on Liverpool winning a league title within three years. With Klopp in charge suddenly it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch. If he can have sceptical observers believing imagine the galvanising effect it must be having on the dressing room.

Klopp says he just a normal guy but already he’s beginning to look like Superman.

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