Is this the best way to understand what Liverpool legend is saying?

It is almost two months since Jamie Carragher made his punditry debut – and it seems people are still having a hard time understanding what he is saying.

While Carragher has received a lot of positive comments for his partnership with Gary Neville on Monday Night Football, there are still those comedians who fill up Twitter with comments such as: “Can’t understand a word Jamie Carragher is saying – Sky should provide subtitles!” or something just as funny and original as that.

Well for those who it seems to be a genuine problem for, there is a solution – if you are willing to put in the hours.

If you are really desperate to understand Carra’s pearls of wisdom, then it may be wise to learn sign language.

Then simply stay up until 3am to catch the repeat of Monday Night Football, as there will be a friendly female signer in the corner to explain everything the former Liverpool legend has to say with her hands.

Or, you could actually simply turn on the subtitles…



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