Is this the stupidest Liverpool tattoo ever?

Kolo Toure FailBrendan Rodgers has already shown himself to be an astute operator in the transfer window and one man that shows this is Kolo Toure.

After enduring a frustrating time at Manchester City last season it was easy to write off the man from the Ivory Coast as past it at the top level of football. Added to this was Toure’s drugs rap for taking a banned substance aimed at aiding weight loss. His days at the top seemed to be over.

Liverpool, on the other hand, have started the new season magnificently. Three solid wins have seen them occupying the place where they feel they belong – number one in the Premier League table. No one should be taking the plaudits for these solid performances more than Kolo Toure. It isn’t really shocking that hardcore Liverpool fans have taken to him like a duck to water.

What is shocking however, is this outrageous fail from one of their fans. It’s one of those scenarios when you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry. How this Reds fan managed to say or spell the word ‘Toure’ as ‘Touro’ is mind-boggling. His excuse was intoxication, but sorry, it takes a level of stupidity rather than drunkenness to misspell a simple name like that!

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