Just when you thought you couldn’t love this Liverpool man any more…

Oh, Jurgen Klopp, how we love ye.

You arrived in the Premier League with a preceding reputation of hilarity and have certainly lived up to it thus far, popping up in local boozers wearing full Merseyside clobber – aka, a shell suit – and ending post-match interviews by squealing ‘thank youuu’ like an angelic school boy in the church choir.

Indeed, during an age in which many have accused the beautiful game of losing its soul and appealing characters, the Liverpool gaffer is a throwback to the days of old, where football made us laugh as much as thrill us.

Exhibit A? This latest Vine doing the rounds on social media:

No, I have no idea what Klopp is saying and no, I have no idea why he appears to be on the set of This Morning. But nonetheless, hearing the 48-year-old say inaudible German phrases whilst pulling bizarre facial expressions tickles our funny bone like Brendan Rodgers never could.

One month in the Premier League, and Klopp’s already a legend.