Liverpool boss relies on Anfield for European comeback

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers appealed to the Anfield crowd in hopes of living one of Liverpool‘s magic nights that can lead the club to the next Europa League round tonight.

The now Liverpool boss was part of the Chelsea coaching staff back in 2005 when the Blues were eliminated in the Champions League semifinal thanks to Luis Garcia’s famous ‘ghost goal’.

Rodgers still remembers the night, as The Telegraph reports: “For me, it wasn’t a goal. That was the sheer force of the crowd that got the goal. The atmosphere was as good as you will ever get”, he said.

Liverpool faces the game tonight with a 2-0 against, but the Reds’ boss trusts the epic idiosyncrasy of the Anfield club to fight Zenit back: “The legend of this club has been based on nights like this, big games and big comebacks”, he stated.

Despite the adverse result of the first leg in Russian territory, Rodgers refuses to think the clock will be running against them and encourages the team be patient in the chase of the first goal.

“We need the patience. We don’t need to score early, we just need to score first even if that comes after 40, 55 or 70 minutes, I still think we have the power of the crowd and the players to get the result as long as we stay super compact”, he assured.

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