Liverpool fans change their turn on much-wanted transfer after shock development

For the final week of January Liverpool fans everywhere were punching the letters ‘T-E-I-X-E-I-R-A’ into search engines on an almost minute-by-minute basis while hoping and praying that he (Alex Teixeira) would be rocking up at Anfield for the latter half of the season.

Alas, as we all now know, the Reds missed out on the 22 league goals in 15 games attacking midfielder, and reports since have revealed that he could be the latest big name to relocate to the Chinese Super League with Jiangsu Suning.

Naturally, a player at his absolute peak joining a league that, despite the serious investment to lure names in such as Jackson Martinez, could be construed as a bizarre decision, and Liverpool fans have been voicing their opinions on the development.

Naturally, the vibe seems to have gone from him being a ‘must sign’ player to a ‘mercenary the club have dodged’. Football supporters, fickle? Never…