Liverpool fans praise CEO Peter Moore for visiting injured fan in hospital

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Liverpool CEO Peter Moore has spent time in hospital with a fan who was injured after being attacked by Napoli fans on Tuesday.

Moore tweeted that he would stay with the fan until he knew that he was okay, and many supporters have responded by sending him thanks and praising him for the compassion he has shown.

One of the reactions came from former Reds player Robbie Fowler, who suggested Moore’s actions epitomised the Liverpool philosophy of ‘You’ll never walk alone”.

The fan in question, Steven Allen, was allegedly ambushed by Napoli fans prior to kick-off, leading to his collapse at half-time as a result of blood loss.

His friend had posted a message on social media pleading for someone to visit Steven to check on his condition, and that fact that the Liverpool CEO stepped up to the task is really quite something.

In response, fans of the Merseyside outfit have admired the action he took, as seen in the reactions below.

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