Liverpool fans praise Klopp for Mane’s return to form

After a solid first season for Liverpool, Sadio Mane has gone slightly off the boil this year as the Senegal International has seen more time on the bench and his league goalscoring tally drop slightly.

Yet the out-of-form Mane has managed to resurrect his career almost out of thin air as he produced a scintillating hat-trick in Liverpool’s 3-0 last 16 romp over Porto last week.

Manager Jurgen Klopp believes Mane’s resurgence benefited from a hands-off managerial approach.

He said: “If you are not in your best moment, do you want somebody to come constantly to talk to you and say, ‘it’s quite difficult at the moment’?

“If you are convinced that it will come back then leave him. As long as he trains well, I’m used to it. I take what I get. They are human beings not machines, and their form (can) drop.

Liverpool fans, meanwhile, are lauding their manager’s approach to guiding Mane back to his best form and arguing that Klopp’s man-management strategy far outstrips that of Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho…