Liverpool fans rip apart Manchester United supporters for selfies with Lucas Moura

Monday evening would have been a rather enjoyable one for most Liverpool fans as they witnessed Manchester United lose to Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford.

The rivalry between the two North-West outfits runs deep, so when Jose Mourinho’s side were beaten 3-0 by Spurs, Liverpool fans couldn’t help but mock.

Lucas Moura caused the most damage to the Red Devils as he scored twice, adding to Harry Kane’s opening header.

The Brazilian attacker took time to find his feet when he signed for Spurs from Paris Saint-Germain in January, but now he is thriving.

When the final whistle blew, plenty of United fans had already made their way out of the stadium, but some stayed to applaud Mourinho and the team.

Others were spotted on camera posing for selfies with Moura, who only a matter of minutes ago had destroyed their team.

Unsurprisingly, some Liverpool fans found this highly amusing and mocked their rivals on Twitter.