Liverpool forced to delete questionable 9/11 tweet

Liverpool’s American Twitter account has been forced to delete a tweet showing an image of the Twin Towers that were brought down by a terrorist attack on the same day in 2001.

The picture with the caption “you’ll never walk alone America” may have remembrance and sombreness at its heart but one can’t help but look at it and question how appropriate it is. After all, there are Liver birds emerging from the sides of the mock Twin Towers.

This one will divide opinion and some Liverpool fans have been quick to defend the nature of the image but after the club’s official Twitter account re-tweeted it – it was actually quickly taken down.

In a separate incident a couple of weeks ago, Liverpool were forced to delete a tweet appearing to endorse comments mocking the Munich Air Disaster, which killed 23 people including many Manchester United players of the time.

The club clearly had a change of heart as to whether or not the image was appropriate. Liverpool are yet to explain why the tweet was taken down or explain their view on whether the nature of it was befitting of remembrance, but you can decide for yourself…

Liverpool 9-11