Liverpool legend says stopper hasn’t helped title bid

Liverpool goalkeeping legend Bruce Grobelaar doesn’t believe Simon Mignolet has helped the Reds climb to the top of the Premier League, according to the Metro.

The Belgian goalkeeper arrived from Sunderland in the summer, while Liverpool veteran Pepe Reina was allowed to join Napoli on loan.

The Reds currently top the Premier League table by two points, but that is mainly down to the goals of Luis Suarez and co, with Brendan Rodgers side having conceded far more goals than title rivals Manchester City and Chelsea.

And former Liverpool keeper Grobelaar says he remains unconvinced by Mignolet.

“Mignolet is a good shot-stopper, but by no means the best all-round keeper,” said Grobbelaar, speaking to promote the Prostate Cancer UK charity.

“A good keeper should be easy on his feet, plays out from the back and commands himself in the penalty box.

“A keeper should never be beaten – as he has been – by a header from three yards out. The keeper coach has to work him harder and he can improve a lot, of course he can.

“Another point is his positioning on free-kicks. His starting position is not right. The team and the defence is too far back for the keeper. They’re on top of him. He’s not commanding enough.

“Another reason I look at Mignolet is the number of goals he’s conceded. Any team which concedes that number of goals should not be top of the league.

“You compare that to the number of goals Petr Cech has conceded at Chelsea and that tells you the difference. Any good team starts from the back.”