Liverpool manager’s latest stunt proves he’s a wonderful actor, too

After a few months away from home, there’s nothing like coming home to a local delicacy. That feeling of warmth and cosiness you feel when you settle into your hometown / home country / mother’s house for the first time in ages is unbeatable.

Well, that’s what Jurgen Klopp must have felt when sitting in the press room in Augsburg last night after Liverpool’s game in Bavaria. The press guys at Augsburg decided to welcome the former Dortmund manager back to Germany with the gift of a giant pretzel, much to his delight.

Klopp is the one manager in the Premier League who seems to bring entertainment everywhere he goes. His charisma, his honesty, his willingness to talk, it all comes together in one big entertaining bundle, and we just can’t get enough of Liverpool’s new manager – and it all seems to mask Liverpool’s failings so far this season.

Actors always look for tricks to make themselves seem more likeable, and eating on screen is a winner. When an actor eats on screen, they seem more relatable – remember James Gandolfini playing Tony Soprano for all those years? He was always gulping down food, but it’s one of the ways the great man could make a murderous mob boss so loveable.

Jurgen Klopp is the gift that keeps on giving, but that’s how he likes it. It makes him loveable, it makes him relatable, and it makes Liverpool’s failures so far this season seem that little bit less serious. He’s a wonderful actor, it must all be part of the plan!