Liverpool officially ahead of Man United as England’s best team

It’s a debate almost as old as English football itself: which team is bigger and better, Liverpool or Manchester United? Well, Sky Sports have answered the great conundrum conclusively with their Ultimate League table, in which the Merseysiders come out on top.

United fans may be stunned as their side have dominated that past two decades of English football, but the UL criteria takes into account the average finishing positions of all 90 teams to have played in the Football League over the course of the past 50 years. Liverpool’s dominance of the game through the ‘70s and ‘80s plays a big part in their success, with their average finishing position working out as 3.3, which is superior to the Red Devils’ 4.9.

The Ultimate League also looks at how clubs are now performing compared to their 50-year position, with Liverpool and United four and one place down respectively. Swansea are the biggest top tier overachievers, with their recent success putting them 34 places above their historical rank.

UL top

At the other end of the spectrum, Cheltenham Town come in rock bottom, putting their League Two relegation issues into perspective.

UL Bottom