Man United fan shows incredible support to Liverpool fan friend

A lot can be said about football rivalries, but there are times when a story emerges that reminds you that it is only a game and that there are far more important things in life.

This story, published by The Liverpool Echo, does exactly that. Wayne Ryan, an avid Manchester United supporter, went under the needle to have a Liverpool tattoo on his calf – putting him in pain and discomfort for five hours. And with a rivals’ badge emblazoned onto your skin though, that pain will continue for a lifetime.

Wayne’s reason, though, is heartwarming, as he decided to get the tattoo to support a family friend, five-year-old Mia Tate, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia earlier this year – with his tattoo having the added text of ‘Hope for Mia’ and also an orange leukaemia cancer ribbon.

The decision to undergo what we can only describe as the most painful experience for any football fan came as Wayne, who wears shorts five-times a week, is aware that people will ask questions- giving him the opportunity to spread the word of Mia’s battle.

“It was certainly a different thing to do, if you jump out of a plane it is over and done with, but I am having to put up with this! It feels really weird looking at it but I just have to think about what it is for.”

Wayne has said that he will only get the tattoo removed if a mega-rich fan offers £100k to the fundraising cause.

Bravo Wayne!