MNF’s golden boy got into some bother last night

We’ve become accustomed to seeing Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, not in the back of a police van, but images were circling around social media last night and caught everyone’s attentions.

A man, who looks extremely like the Liverpool legend, was video selling t-shirts outside Anfield before the goalless draw with Manchester United.

Before it makes you wonder where all the money Sky earns is going, the pundit was simply participating in a publicity stunt for a clothing line – and our highlight of the story came when police asked to see the former England defender’s license, which was welcomed with a reply of: “no I didn’t need one – I’m king of Anfield,”.

King, he may be, that didn’t stop the long arm of the law taking him away in handcuffs and, despite it obviously being a gag, there were many on Twitter that fell for the trick hook, line and sinker.

Carragher will be back on our TV screens soon, hopefully presenting some decent football rather than flogging some gear outside Liverpool’s stadium.