Much maligned Liverpool star can help give England the best attack at Euro 2016

In the lead up for Euro 2016, much of the talk surrounding the central striking berths for England centres around whether or not it will be Jamie Vardy or Harry Kane ousting Wayne Rooney.

The Three Lions, for many, is the forgotten man.

However, there is someone else who perhaps doesn’t get brought into the equation often enough.

Prior to the World Cup in 2014, Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge had emerged as the most lethal natural option available to Roy Hodgson.

After a stunning season with Luis Suarez, the former Chelsea and Manchester City youngster looked to finally be fulfilling his potential.

Clearly, injuries have disrupted the 26-year old marksman and put his starting place for both club and country in serious threat.

However, is he the best at both levels?

While Kane is the typically English centre-forward, giving his all and more in wreaking havoc for opposition backlines, Sturridge does not appear as industrious.

Vardy meanwhile is sheer pace and harassment, things that don’t come to the Liverpool man as easily.

Still, few would doubt Sturridge’s technical ability. Able to find space that appears to lay between heartbeats.

He glides effortlessly across the frontline and links the play with willing midfield runners as easily as a Spanish Number 10.

With the likes of Dele Alli, Adam Lallana and Ross Barkley able to run into the spaces the Reds ace creates, he could prove the difference in big games.

While the Spurs star puts himself about and comes to the fore, the Reds forward will creep in the shadows before lethally pouncing.

Sturridge must prove himself again. Kane and Vardy have worked far too hard and been too good to miss out otherwise.

But, would you really back against the Liverpool man being the best of all three on his day?

He must use tonight’s Europa League final to prove to Roy Hodgson the injuries have not left him any less of a player than he was.

To Jurgen Klopp too, of course.

Should he do that, England have the best strike force at Euro 2016.

He’s that good.